• Dennis Shelton

    Learning hands on is the only way.  I was blown away by the techniques that I learned from Hood Cleaning School.
  • Zach Caldwell

    I had cleaned hoods before, but when I saw HOW to do this job, I was amazed by Hood Cleaning School
  • Tony Dipietrantonio

    I finished my first job 2 days after getting back home.  Hood Cleaning School is worth every penny I paid.
  • Frank Hayes

    Do like I did and buy the Deluxe Equipment set.
  • Nicholas Roberts

    I got the Deluxe Equipment and the Business Owner's Course.
  • Cody and Basil Catrett

    Father and Son Team, Best Thing We Ever Did
  • Scott Manson

    I wanted a one person business.  I found it!
  • Sam Altman

    The Military prepared me, and this was a perfect fit.
  • Bill Quinn

    Sometimes only the BEST school will do.
  • Willie Hicks

    Knowing I got on the job training made the difference for me.
  • Bob Quinn

    I was impressed at how efficent the training was at teaching me.
  • Nicholas Dryden

    My whole life has been changed by Hood Cleaning School.  I am so thankful.
  • Joseph Veno

    My background was as an Attorney.  Hood Cleaning School has been amazing for me.
  • Bill Warren

    As a Business Decision, Hood Cleaning School is the best program that exists.


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Welcome to Hood Cleaning School

Thank you for visiting Hood Cleaning School TM. Home of the most successful kitchen grease exhaust cleaning and certification training that exists. We offer membership to the Certified Hood & Duct Cleaners Association (CHDCA).

Chances are you are either looking for a career and/or life change, or are an existing small business owner who needs to get a “leg up” on your competition, or just want to go solo and own your kitchen grease exhaust cleaning business and get certified. Whatever category you fit into, we can help!

We are a family owned and operated company located in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Family is very important to us, and we treat each of our students as permanent extended family members. You will receive hands-on, one-on-one attention while you are here with us during your 5 days of training, and once you get home you will receive ongoing support. You cannot get training or support like this anywhere else! We are the only kitchen grease exhaust cleaning company in the US that does the majority of training in the field! This kind of work cannot be taught in a classroom!

Here’s what one of our graduates chose to say about Hood Cleaning School:

Tom Mix
Tom Mix

This is a mandated repeat service that every cooking establishment in your area has to have! So, become a Certified Hood & Duct Cleaner today and start owning your own Business working for yourself.

This business is required in every city in the world. We will set you up with your own home based business in your home city. Whether you live in the United States, Mexico, Canada or other parts of the world, the CHDCA can work with you today!

If you are a hard working person and ready to own your own business, then you have finally found the answer.

One person, home based, repeat business with complete support and guidance to help you grow your business!

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. — Andre Gide